Your Opportunity to Access Our Team of Experts and Every Resource at Our Command to Help Scale Your Business on Amazon and Beyond

Important Message from Matt Clark on Friday, March 16th, 2018


We’re finally ready to get this going.  

But we can only start with just a handful of people.  

The team we’re building for this is absolutely amazing.  

The Amazing Ventures team includes seasoned Amazon sellers generating millions per year in their own businesses.  

We’re all putting together THE Master Plan for building and scaling a physical products business with Amazon.  

This is your opportunity work with the best of the best on Amazon, including us, side-by-side, like true partners, to grow your business.  

10 months ago we announced this opportunity. We received over 2,000 submissions in 48 hours.  

Now we’re ready to let a few people get started. 

Become Our Partner

This is your opportunity to partner with us to scale your business.  

We’ll bring every resource at our disposal to help you grow revenue, profit, and the value of your company.  

This all starts with a structured program to analyze what you have going on and apply the best strategies and tactics to your business immediately.  

Full Business Evaluation  

First, we’ll do a full business evaluation on your current business. This includes analyzing all your products, listings, conversion rates, reviews, advertising, Amazon presence, off-Amazon presence, and every other area of your business.  

Apply Best Practices to Your Full Business  

Next, we’ll work with you to enhance every area of your business that needs improvement including:

  • Product quality
  • Listing optimization (images and copywriting)
  • Keyword optimization
  • Review acquisition
  • Amazon PPC (Sponsored Products, Headline Ads, etc.)
  • Software automation
  • Email marketing
  • Website and outside-Amazon sales funnel
  • Inventory management
  • Product catalog growth
  • Supplier quality and negotiations
  • Packaging quality and pricing
  • Ecommerce platform (outside Amazon)  

Growth Plan  

Then, we’ll work with you to determine (1) where you’re at and (2) where you want to go with your business.  

This includes looking at your goals, resources, and what needs to be accomplished to build the kind of business and freedom you want over the next 12 months, 3 years, and beyond.  

Your growth plan will include:

  • Product catalog planning and strategy
  • Marketing planning
  • Team planning
  • (If needed) Funding planning  

Exit Plan  

Lastly, we’ll look at your plan for exiting your business.  

Maybe you want to run it forever, maybe you want to pass it down to your kids, or maybe you want to sell it within the next few years to cash out.  

No matter what your goal is, we’ll help clarify what you need to do to achieve it.  

If your goal is to sell, we’ll help you put in place what you need to sell for maximum valuation with the least possible time and stress (including connecting you with our partners who broker deals every day for physical products companies).  

Your First 90 Days and Your Expert Consultant  

All of the above is delivered over the first 90 days with an expert consultant.  

Every member of the Amazing Ventures team is a seasoned, highly-skilled Amazon seller with years of experience.  

Together, with the consultants, you, and our other resources, we form a true team to take your business to any level you want.  

By working with us, you’re getting hundreds of millions of dollars real world business experience and the latest tactics and strategies for Amazon applied to your business.  

Your Investment and Our Ongoing Partnership  

The cost of the initial 90-day program is 3 payments of $7,495.  

Alternatively, you can save $2,500 by paying upfront for a total of $19,985.  

After the successful completion of the first 90 days, you will be provided the opportunity to work with us on a performance-based plan.  

This performance-based plan requires no additional upfront investment. We will only share in the success of our partnership.  

Currently, we’re planning on this ongoing performance-based arrangement to include 10% of revenue and 10% of sale price of your business in the event it is sold while we’re working with you.  

Our goal is to help you scale fast and achieve your ultimate objective with your business.  

Special Opportunity: Become Our Partner Today  

We’re currently looking for a limited number of business owners to partner with that meet the following criteria:

  • Have a track record of success (in current business or previous business/career)
  • Are committed to growing your physical products business fast
  • Have access to the necessary capital to fund your business’s growth  

If you meet these criteria and have received this personal invitation, then we’d like to invite you to be one of the very few who can start working with us right away.  

We have 10 available spots to put down a $1,000 reservation fee.  

This holds your spot and, if selected, allows you to be one of the first to work with us. If you are selected, you will be given 72 hours to commit to the full fee (3 payment option or upfront option) for the initial 90-day program.  

If you are not selected within 30 days, we will refund your reservation fee in-full.  

Click the button below now to be one of the few who get on the reservation list and have the opportunity to start working with us immediately.  

To Your Success,

Matt Clark

Matt Clark, Executive Chairman of, Inc.